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 Hello and welcome to The site has been fully revamped in the last 24 hours and is now looking great thanks to me..  We will put some new content on after a while and it will be up and running. This site is mainly dedicated to Clops( a TV show you probably haven't heard of) Despite that it is an extremely funny show and I urge you guys to watch them. We also have lots of other funny videos and music now that we have new servers. If You want a site like this (or different..) Please just email me at We will charge a small fee . This site is running for free we have no annoying pop-ups or banner ads and we need your help to keep it alive. If you could bookmark us (a.k.a add us to your favorites) it would be appreciated (Ctrl+B). We now have awesome links which you wouldn't find anywhere else, like links to download sites, awesome games sites (better than miniclip) and cool website resource sites ( For you webmasters out there).  Browse through our site download some stuff and Please! tell your freinds. We need all the people we can get....yes all the people we can get....

And Remember...We're watching you.....with Google Earth                (download here)